Three more new favourites


Yet more from Mr Cameron Wisch (see bellow). This band features members on Zona Mexicana and Ape Up, and they are totally fucking awesome. For fans of Algernon Cadwallader and Grown Ups.

Summer Vacation

Kind of lofi sounding poppy punk, but not pop-punk. Check out their split with Joyce Manor, not for everyone but super rad. Male Bonding with a bit of Weezer and They Might Be Giants.

Fur Pillows

I have long been a fan of Har Mar Superstar, from his filthy elecro to his soul ballads that rival Stevie Wonder. His new group Fur Pillows seems to be making up for my slight disappointment with his last record. Not quite taking us back to his noise routes with Kalvin Crime but the do feature another member!

  • 28 August 2011